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7 Responses to “Reader Reviews”

  1. Kathy Kimbro Says:

    Absolutely LOVED reading The Bountiful Garden. Denise, you truly have a green thumb for writing. The story is full of excitement, charming characters and positive thought provoking wisdom. What I like most about this story is how much knowledge and insight the reader can benefit from and apply to their own life. Found myself daydreaming about being on the porch of the cabin next to the river. Warm, sunny ending. I hope this story finds its way into many hands, hearts and minds!

  2. Wendy Dwyer Says:

    To borrow a line from “A Bountiful Garden”, I savored this book and the story and felt it was, for me, “a tiny seed with potential for peace, happiness and joy.” I found myself hesitating, not wanting to finish
    the book because I knew I would be sad when it was over and I had to say goodbye to characters I cared for and a story that was uplifting and inspirational. I felt so privileged to be able to read an advance copy of the book, but you can bet I will be purchasing several copies and making gifts of them to people I truly love and those with whom I want to share the bountiful, beautiful message.

  3. Lori Fayhee Says:

    The Bountiful Garden is a gift. Thank you, Denise. I just finished reading it, and as you can see, I’m up way too late. Yes, it was that good. It reminded me of my all time favorite book, “Illusions”, by Richard Bach, when I first began reading it; but I soon realized that it had so much more depth and life. You have created something beautiful and timeless. I’m most pleased (maybe surprised) that you kept me guessing right up to the end. Knowing you as well as I do, and having a knack for ‘guessing ahead’ in the books I read, I was pleasantly surprised by many twists and turns! I loved seeing the familiar lessons of ‘our lives’ (humans) in the pages, and the familiar faces and relationships. You have taken ‘illustrating the lesson’ and living the example, a step further. I hope you are able to reach all of the hungry souls with your words of inspiration as you have mine.

  4. Tess Dirienzo Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that Bill is reading your book, and like
    myself, thinks it’s wonderful. We are going to finish reading it this
    weekend… so, tell me why you’ve not done this sooner?! You have an
    amazing talent with the written word. I can see this book up there
    with the best of them, it resonates with us… like “Way of the Peaceful Warrior”.

  5. Toni Nurnberg Says:

    I just finished the book last week. It met my criteria of a really good book, it made me laugh and cry. It touched my heart. Not very many writers can do that with such a clear and uplifting message. I hope the book gets the attention it deserves.

  6. Kimberly Fayhee Says:

    I love the book and each time I read it I discover something new.

  7. Christopher Boore Says:

    The Bountiful Garden Book was given to me and my wife as a present at Christmas 2009. During a very tough time,layoffs,financial failings and a loss of a home, The Bountiful Garden helped me
    re-evaluate what was important to me in life.
    I want to thank Denise for writing The Bountiful Garden it helped in its way, to show me that my happiness was seriously in jeopardy. I was doing what I thought I “should” be doing to pay the bills,
    never understanding why I was always losing no matter how hard I worked.
    The Bountiful Garden encouraged me, with its intelligent story line, to pursue what I loved, cooking.
    A month after I planted my “seed” and started to work in my “garden” things started to rapidly
    transpire in my new chosen career.
    Thank you Denise

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