Reader Review

December 29, 2009

“After starting to read I could not stop reading, I enjoyeed every moment in “the Bountiful Garden” and I felt like being in Tennessee with all your people from the book. The mixture of common sense with spirituality is genious. It reminded me to always open wide to feel and view and think and step into the depth of each moment and live my heartbeat. The inner music. Seeking and finding effortless what we came for in this lifetime. I love your book. And I wish that many many people will throw those seeds into there gardens. Everybody should have this book no matter if life changes you through a suffering or loss or if you change life, because you feel you just have to do it, to always come back to be your true authentic living self. May the offered seeds florish and grow and be nurtured! Thank you, Denise for this treasure!” Renate Schilling, Charleston, SC