The Gardener’s Way

Sowing seeds for a joy-filled life.

Seeds of Impermanence

Today is a gift; a tiny seed with potential for peace, happiness and joy. I go forth today present in each moment, fully engaged in each experience.  I embrace this day with the understanding that my time in this world is limited. I live today with full appreciation that it may be my last.  I understand that life offers no guarantees and that, regardless of age or health, today could also be my final opportunity to demonstrate my appreciation to those I love.  I make the best use of every opportunity I am given today to express love and gratitude.

Seeds of Gratitude

I take time to recognize and give thanks for each of the blessings in my life and seek opportunities this day and every day to demonstrate my gratitude through my actions, as extensions of my thoughts and my words.  These authentic acts of gratitude inspire the manifestation of even more blessings and abundance in my life for which I continue to act with appreciation.

Seeds of Authentic Connections

Knowing that the preciousness of life is experienced through connections that honor the Universal Spirit or God, I give and receive happiness by fostering authentic connections with myself first,  my family, friends and loyal pets, with my community, with all sentient beings and with all of nature.  I seek opportunity to create these connections through the contribution of my work, through the gift of my time, and through  minor acts of kindness as well as through bold demonstrations of generosity and compassion.  Throughout the world, I seek opportunities to connect through manifestations of Spirit such as nature, art, music, literature and laughter.

Seeds of Non-Attachment and Expectations

Knowing that I invite unhappiness through expectations and attachments, I willingly release my attachment to possessions, appearances,expectations and ego-based power.  While I act with gratitude for all that I have, I understand that neither possessions, appearances, nor worldly power are a measure of my worth nor are they alone able to bring happiness to me or the world. I release my attachment to my history, to feelings of unworthiness, anger, hatred, and hurt.  I let go of my expectations of how I should be, how others should be, how experiences should be and how the future should be by engaging fully and joyfully in the Present and accepting what is Now.

Seeds of Change

I understand that change is a natural part of life; that all things have a beginning a middle and an end and that each of the stages must be permitted its natural flow. I remain open to and grateful for the lessons that life offers through change, regardless of whether it is perceived as positive or negative, good or bad.  I welcome the opportunity for growth and evolution that all of life’s lessons through change provide me.

Seeds of Inner Knowing

I listen with my heart to myself, to others, and to God or Spirit.  Using my mind, eyes, ears, and other senses only to gather information before speaking or acting, I rely on my heart to receive all messages with compassion, love and understanding and to guide my actions accordingly.

Seeds of Mindful Responsibility

Knowing that my thoughts, my words and my actions are powerful beyond human understanding, I act with mindfulness; focused on positive outcomes and always conscious of the effects that they might have on myself, my family, my community and my world, today and into the future.

(c) 2009  Denise Fayhee-Wolf

Excerpted from The Bountiful Garden

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