When 46-year old songwriter turned corporate executive Jamison Lucas falls into a coma after crashing his car into a tree on a snowy November night near Nashville, he enters into an other worldly adventure filled with colorful characters and life lessons that will alter the course of his life forever.

Set against the fertile country-music landscape of middle Tennessee, The Bountiful Garden is a 37,000 word novella of one man’s journey to reconnect with his life’s true calling. Jamison and his young wife, Jen, had moved to Nashville shortly after college graduation, in pursuit of his dream of making it big in music. But, shortly after the birth of their daughter Lily, and with his father’s admonishment that, “You don’t want to live the life of a starving artist and most artists are starving,” ringing in his ears, Jamison abandoned his dream for a career in medical equipment sales – a move which he eventually learned, might feed his family but not his spirit.

Nearly fifteen years later, newly divorced and struggling to keep up with the demands of being a high powered corporate executive, Jamison rekindles his passion for music while attending a friend’s show at Gardener’s Pickin’ Parlor, a quaint songwriter venue in the nearby town of Franklin. On the drive home, Jamison utters the fateful words, “I wish I could find a way to make music my life.” Moments later, swerving to avoid a deer, he crashes into an old oak tree and falls into in a coma.

When he wakes to a blinding white light, he discovers that he is mysteriously back at Gardener’s. With veteran songwriter, Miles Gardener, as his guide and the task of planning, planting, and working a garden as his backdrop, Jamison gains an understanding of how positive thought and the law of attraction are affected by and dependent on the choices we make and the actions we take. Along the way Gardener introduces Jamison to a variety of colorful characters who share their own experiences and the lessons they’ve learned.

10 Responses to “Book Synopsis”

  1. Jeff Zink Says:

    A wonderful story from the heart by an outstanding writer and woman.

  2. Deb Black Says:

    This sounds like a wonderful story and like Jeff said an outstanding writer and woman. I have known her and admired her gift of word for a long time.

  3. Kimberly Fayhee Says:

    I loved what I read and I would love to read more!

  4. Carla Bahr Says:

    I want to read it. Love the premise and the synopsis. Go Denise. Remember if you publish, 100 per cent of the profit is yours!

  5. Can’t wait to read it. What a wonderful accomplishment for you and to go through the journey. It will all come together for you. Be patient. Keep me posted

  6. What a great premise, setting and inspiration for me to want to read this book. Can’t wait to purchase it when it comes out!

  7. A wonderful, inspirational read. Like “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” good.

  8. Aunt Mary Says:

    I am a proud aunt, Denise, and anxious to really read the complete book.

  9. Geralynn Lord Says:

    Why is there no place on your site to make a purchase of the book? Or am I just missing it?

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