Scientific Evidence That Mindfulness Reduces Stress

March 25, 2010

I recently found this article/video on CNN and was pleased to see that there is now scientific evidence to support the advice that Miles Gardener offers to Jamison in my book, The Bountiful Garden. Mindfulness training can be achieved in a lot of ways . . . playing a musical instrument, reciting a poetry from memory (something I’m doing regularly now and loving it!), yoga, skydiving (go ahead and just try to think about something else while you’re taking that leap from a perfectly good airplane). In a new book I’m working on, I compare it to training a dog to lead because it’s a lot like putting your mind on a leash and teaching it to heel. Once it’s trained then you can give it permission to run wild or get still and life becomes a whole lot more peaceful in the process!

Embedded video from CNN Video

One Response to “Scientific Evidence That Mindfulness Reduces Stress”

  1. This suggestion of having my mind on a leash and training it to heel has been a remarkable tool in my meditation process. It immediately made sense to “quiet the mind” in a meaningful way….in order to turn off my thoughts intentionally and control the mental chaos, focus on my breathing, relaxing every part of my body, and eventually (only after a few minutes)step outside my body to realize that my soul is observing the thing I call “myself”, which is part of the overall oneness of the universe. Cool!

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