New Year’s E-solution for Manifesting Happiness.

December 30, 2009

For the past decade or so, I’ve worked at living by the Law of Attraction and positive thought. Like so many others, I created “vision boards” and, with varying degrees of focus, did my best to hold my “desires” close. But, within a matter of weeks, the board would usually fall to the bottom of the closet or wind up in a corner of the room. Likewise, in the struggle to simply keep up with the daily demands of life, my list of “desires” would often get pushed aside, rarely recited or revisted and usually forgotten completely — a wish list of pipe dreams that I didn’t really believe would manifest.

This year, with the completion of my book, The Bountiful Garden, and renewed confidence in the Law of Attraction and the power of positive thought, I’ve decided to create a daily practice of reviewing and reaffirming, or in this case, e-ffirming my vision using the internet and a daily email to myself.

Here’s how it works.

Begin with an email to yourself that lists your personal visions (include for your vision for family, friends, community and the world, for added impact) then end each of your desires or images with the statement. “And, so it is.”

At the start, and perhaps at the end, of each day, take a moment before you do anything else, to review your list and reply to yourself. If you want to create even greater impact, you might consider enlisting your spouse or a trusted friend(s), to share the task with you. As you create your list, take time to incorporate the desire into not just your thoughts but your feelings, let each vision travel from your thoughts to your fingertips down through the computer keys and when you click on send, it will go out into the universe to contribute to the realization of your desire.

When you send it take five minutes to breathe. Inhale and imagine. Exhale and say, “And so it is.”

Each morning take time to review your list. Copy it, paste it or rewrite it, repeating each desire out loud and then, close your eyes, breathe deeply and click ‘send.” Let it become a habit, as routine as brushing your teeth and then relax in confidence and faith that the Universe is already moving to make it so.

3 Responses to “New Year’s E-solution for Manifesting Happiness.”

  1. Catherine Says:

    I was looking for a positive support group today and saw the link to your book provided by Erica Girth! We have a great community in CHAS- Blue Bicycle is a great way to get the word out! I look forward to learning about your ideas and meeting with Erica’s group. Best Wishes to you! I loved your video and your idea of writing down wishes. We will all have a great 2010 if we can tap into positive energy (and counter all the negativity many are fomenting).

  2. Sheila Potts Burroughs Says:

    For the last thirty years I have to some degree believed in the power of positive thinking. For years I have written down my goals and dreams for the New Year. After about twenty years I was able to look back and realize that so many of those goals and dreams had either come true or I had accomplished the goals that I had written down year after year. These goals and dreams were as important as me becoming the first and only person in my family to go to college and get a degree. Then my daughter went to college, recieved a degree and was able to get a good paying job. And from what I know my daughter and I are the only two in my whole family who have gone to college and recieved a degree. My dream was that I could change how my family lived, worked and dreamed. I wanted to see my children have a better life then I had. Well I have not only seen that dream come true for my daughter but in many ways my grandchildren to. Writing down your hopes and dreams from work and positive thinking can help you realize not only your dreams but also those of your family to. Thank you for being a friend in my life. I can say that the author of The Bountifull Garden was my friend and who touched my life.

    • denisewolf Says:

      Thank you Sheila, I’m so proud to be able to say that you are my friend and have touched my life as well.

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